Saturday, July 24, 2004

Weaver Lodge at risk- another landmark building about to be lost to the developers for bland housing. This is nothing short of carpetbagging by ESBC if this planning application is approved. The Civic Society have complained about the planning application and hopefully we'll make the council see sense.
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Friday, July 23, 2004

Roman Villa in Uttoxeter?

Where is the Roman Villa? The Uttoxeter Archaeology Society is planning an arial survey of the town's surrounding area to pinpoint what could be a major archaeological and historical find-A Roman Villa. It is unusual to find Roman Villa's in Staffordshire and this would change the way historians think about Roman Britain in this part of the country.
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Thursday, July 22, 2004

Welcome to Uttoxeter Blog!

Welcome to the Uttoxeter Blog - a place for news and views of Uttoxeter. A virtual place for people to share news about plans for the town, developments and ideas. A forum for the people in the area to read about the town and contribute to it's development. If you've an event to share or news about anything of interest to the good citizens of the town then this is the place. We will post items of interest, highlight campaigns and beat the local newspapers to the stories which affect you.
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Redfern's Third Edition?

Did Uttoxeter's Historian Francis Redfern rewrite his "History and Antiquities of Uttoxeter"?
The preface to the facsimilie reprint of the 1886 edition printed in 1998 states that he produced a third edition which exists as a document in the William Salt Library in Stafford. Use the following link
The William Salt library can't locate a copy there-so where is it? does it, did it exist? Who wrote the preface?
More on this as the story develops.