Saturday, October 28, 2006

Recruitment for Tesco expansion

Taylor Woodrow are advertising for a quantity surveyor for the new build on the Tesco store: complete with extra floors - TW has the contract for just about everything in town - new conservatory, garden sheds..

Senior Quantity Surveyor
Involved in the major expansion of Tesco stores (including the creation of
additional floors), you will enjoy involvement in a new project
approximately every nine months. If you prefer, the vast majority of
these projects can be close to home, giving you an excellent work/life
balance as well as considerable responsibility and challenge.
£32-47,500 + Car Allowance (Where will they park?)

Wednesday, October 11, 2006

Cattle market - Why are we waiting?

Still no start by Taylor Woodrow on Uttoxeter's supposed £20 million-plus town centre redevelopment schemes
No explanation from Taylor Woodrow -no explanation from any of the local councillors
Taylor Woodrow were named as the company to regenerate the town in 2004, building due to start October 2005..... As taxpayers we are investing a considerable amount who is accountable who will explain?

Monday, October 02, 2006

Save the Wellington Public House

We are very concerned about the state of the Wellington Public House and the recent fire on the premises.
The Borough Council may need to take action under s215 of the 1990 Planning Act to tidy up this public eyesore (in this case to make good any fire damage and make the building safe against trespass); or serve a S54 urgent works notice (giving the owner 7 days notice of the LPA's intent to carry out the urgent works to make the building safe and weathertight and to reclaim the costs from the owner); or a s48 Repairs Notice as a prelude to compulsory purchase.
We have been advised by English Heritage that they may be instructed to exercise these powers by the Secretary of State in default of action by the local authority.

ESBC is currently without a Conservation Officer - this is appalling.

The owner of the Wellington is currently the newly elected Town Ward Councillor for the Tories