Monday, June 06, 2005

Banality has taken root in clone town Britain

Britain's town centres are rapidly becoming indistinguishable, losing all sense of local identity as they are taken over by global and national chain stores, economists warned today.
A report from the New Economics Foundation estimated how far the nation's high streets had been taken over by a phenomenon it called "clone town Britain". New Economics Foundation
"Banality has taken root like a relative from abroad invited to stay because their foreignness seemed interesting, before realising they were tiresome and refused to leave." Said a report in the Guardian today.
Both Stafford and Burton appeared in the top ten of clone towns-what hope then for Uttoxeter?
Uttoxeter is of course a bedroom town and unlikely to attract any retail anyway as its purpose will become a dormitory for the wage slaves of surrounding urban connurbations.
personally I like the way Louisville in the USA is fighting back against cloning with its "Keep Louisville Weird" campaign.