Wednesday, December 10, 2008

1871-2008 JCB

End of a production era for company

From The Express and Star

The curtain has fallen on almost 140 years of manufacturing history in Uttoxeter with the final machine made at JCB’s Heavy Products factory rolling off the production line.

The site on the edge of the town has been linked to manufacturing since 1871 when the agricultural machinery makers Bamfords Ltd opened for business.

Bamfords Ltd went into liquidation in 1980 and in 1989 JCB bought the site in Pinfold Street and began production of its famous machines.

Last week the last JCB machine to be made there – a 26 tonne JS260 tracked excavator – was produced. The manufacture of tracked and wheeled excavators is now being transferred to the new purpose-built £40 million JCB Heavy Products factory next to the A50 in Uttoxeter.

JCB chairman Sir Anthony Bamford said: “This is the end of an era because my family has been linked to this site since the 19th century when Bamfords Ltd started manufacturing agricultural machinery.

“But this is also the start of a new and exciting era not only for JCB’s excavator business but also for Uttoxeter because the relocation offers the opportunity to redevelop and enhance an important area of the town.”

Among those joining Sir Anthony and employees to mark the event were Colin Bond and his wife Delia , of Uttoxeter, who both worked for Bamfords Ltd.

Mrs Bond was an office clerk and Mr Bond a machinist. Both eventually left to work for JCB. Mrs Bond retired as company archivist three years ago but her husband still works for the company after 39 years.

Monday, September 15, 2008

Labour call to halt 'illegal' land deal - News - Burton Mail

More revelations in the Burton Mail -

Tory candidate Andrew Grithis has laid in with what appears to be ungentlemanly comments about two councillors who have resigned the tory whip over the debacle

Labour call to halt 'illegal' land deal - News - Burton Mail

Thursday, September 11, 2008

Meanwhile over in Burton...Council is criticised over wind farm cash - News - Uttoxeter Advertiser

Council is criticised over wind farm cash - News - Uttoxeter Advertiser: "Council is criticised over wind farm cash
COUNCIL bosses have defended using thousands of pounds of taxpayers' money to employ outside consultants to evaluate a planning application for a wind farm in the ward represented by the authority's leader.

East Staffordshire Borough Council has already set aside £5,000 as a 'contingency' against plans to build a wind farm at Bagots Park, near Abbots Bromley."

LAND ROW ROCKS TORIES - News - Burton Mail

From the Burton Mail today

Are the Tories on a collision greater than that taking place at the Large Hadron Collider

LAND ROW ROCKS TORIES - News - Burton Mail: "BURTON Town Hall's ruling Conservative group was today embroiled in a 'possibly illegal' land sale row.

News - Uttoxeter town hall Controversy erupted after a Government watchdog completed a probe into the sale of publicly owned land in Uttoxeter town centre.

The Audit Commission declared that an 'unofficial agreement' between Uttoxeter Town Council and developer Taylor Wimpey 'could be illegal'."

Sunday, September 07, 2008

Town in Crisis - Fall Outs - Financial Mismangement or Reckless Bravado!iasco

Just as the town faces mass unemployment with the two biggest employers JCB and Fox's threatening hundreds, possibly thousands of job losses, the Tories are playing a very strange game. They are falling out with each other in an increasingly messy spat over incompetence, recklessness and financial mismangement.Never a happy bunch, it's getting increasingly dirty. The Burton Mail yesterday reports that Kathy Graham - former Mayor and Town Ward Councillor  has quit the ruling Tory group and will now represent as an independent. She has quit over the actions of Geoff Morrison, Howard Grigg, David Brookes and Malcolm Barrett. Councillor Graham says that this 'Gang of Four' had behaved 'disgracefully' "by failing to keep others informed of alternatives to a proposed £115,000 deal with a developer." The Gang have been accused of being less than open over the sale of the Town Hall.
The Town Hall is subject to an 'unofficial agreement' of sale to Taylor Wimpey.
But critiscisms have been levelled that the sale is grossly underpriced and that all is not what it seems with the sale. 
Councillor Graham feels she has been bullied and cajoled to support the Taylor Wimpey deal. Her colleagues have resorted to less than gentlemanly comments. 

As Ali Choudry writes in his blog the council appear to be either reckless or incompetent "This is a serious and systematic case of financial mismanagement." he writes
"A quarter of the town councillors - councillors Barrett, Geoff Morrison and David Brookes - are also borough councillors holding important portfolios, as they are part of the Tory controlling group. We are nervous, suspicious and uneasy that the Tories' shambolic and inept financial management at Uttoxeter Town Council might lead to a similar financial calamity at the borough council.

What is going on? 

Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Saving our heritage requires action, not just words | Art & architecture |

New Heritage at Risk Register launched next month - which buildings, features, landscapes would you list from Uttoxeter and the surrounding areas?

Saving our heritage requires action, not just words. The new Heritage at Risk register, to be launched next month by English Heritage, is one of the first visible signs of years of anguished government and private debate

Source: Saving our heritage requires action, not just words | Art & architecture |

Wednesday, June 04, 2008

A Downturn = record profits and job losses

Downturn = A negative change in the economy, such as from expansion to recession or
Downturn = record profits and job losses

... the impact of the credit crunch and soaring commodity prices when it announced up to 90 jobs would go at its plants in Cheadle, Uttoxeter and Rugeley. ...
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JCB announces record profits for 2007
Materials Handling World Magazine - Leeds,England,UK
... with the construction of the £40 million JCB Heavy Products factory in Uttoxeter; the new £7 million JCB Attachments factory in Uttoxeter, a £36 million ...