Friday, September 16, 2005

Civic Society on the small screen....

Civic Society Secretary David Denny appeared last night on the Heart of the Country on ITV. The town was featured in a mystery Midlands town montage with David revealing the idenity at the end. Some excellence shots and locations of our beautiful town were included and providentially some from the soon to be closed Cattle Market.

Wednesday, September 14, 2005

Uttoxeter by any other name

Uttoxeter as it is now known, has had many different names and many different spellings. The List below is mostly based on phonetic spellings of the vernacular pronunciation. Below is the usual list although there are references to Uttoxeter as Hycestri, which could hint at a Roman origin.....
There are probably more but there are 76 versions below

Hottocsathere (1322)
Hottokesacre (Ed I)
Hutockshather (1208)
Huttokeshagh (1242)
Huttokkeshatre (H V)
Otoksather (H V)
Ottockeshat (Ed I)
Ottockeshater (Ed I)
Ottokeshathere (Ed I)
Ottokeshther (Ed I)
Ottokhathere (Ed I)
Utcester (Jas I)
Utcetor (Eliz)
Utcetter (Jas I)
Utcytor (Eliz)
Uthoxhaure (1212)
Utokeshather (1316-40)
Utoxator (Jas I)
Utoxeter (Jas I)
Utoxetur (E I & 1583)
Utoxitur (1640)
Uttaksather (H VI)
Uttaxather (1540)
Uttaxatour (H VII)
Uttaxceter (Ed)
Uttaxotor (H VII)
Uttcetour (1535)
Uttcettour (1544)
Uttcetur (1533)
Uttekasthre (Ed I)
Uttockeshather (1288)
Uttokesaker (Ed I)
Uttokesh (1360)
Uttokeshader (1199)
Uttokeshadere (E III)
Uttokeshal (1225)
Uttokeshale (1275)
Uttokeshather (E I & R II)
Uttokeshatre (R II)
Uttokhather (H VI)
Uttokhather (H VI)
Uttokishidere (1174)
Uttoksader (H V)
Uttoksater (H V)
Uttoksathe (H V)
Uttoksather (H V)
Uttoksatre (H VI)
Uttokshater (H V, 1366)
Uttoxater (H V)
Uttoxater (Jas I)
Uttoxather (Ed III)
Uttoxator (Eliz, 1551)
Uttoxatour (Eliz)
Uttoxatre (1349)
Uttoxatur (H VIII)
Uttoxature (Eliz)
Uttoxceter (Jas I)
Uttoxcetur (H VIII, 1553)
Uttoxeshather (1327)
Uttoxeter (1614)
Uttoxetor (Ed I)
Uttoxhader (H V)
Uttoxhater (R II)
Uttoxhatha (1327)
Uttoxhather (1331)
Uttoxhathour (H VIII)
Uttoxhathre (R II)
Uttoxhatre (Ed III, R III, H IV)
Uttoxhattour (H V)
Uttoxiter (1640)
Uttuckeshall (Ed I)
Uxcetur (H VIII)
Wettokesaker (1288)
Wittokeshather (1243)
Wotochesede (Domesday 1086)
Wytokeshather (Ed I)