Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Development in Stone Road

Watch out folks - looks like this one is boiling up - add your cooments below!

Action now please

Mr Morrison comments (in the Post & Times 12/06/2009) on the state of Trinity Square and its 'trip hazards' and 'tawdry state'. That's a bit rich! What about the trip hazards and tawdry appearance of the rest of the town, in particular around the High Street and Market place following all that expensive cobblestone work that he was so keen about? And where are the promised cigarette butt bins?

And how about a decent town 'notice board' that was promised some 5 years ago, but put onto the back burner pending the developement behind the town hall? Incidently, are we likely to see any progress with that development within the next 5 years, or are we to be left with a desolate scrubland for the foreseeable future? After all, our Town Council, on which Morrison claims to be such an influence, has sold off (at a stupidly low price) both the land at the rear of the town hall - and indeed a part of the town hall itself - apparently with no undertaking as to the timing of any future development!

As to the rest of the town hall's redevelopment - well, our local council continues to bicker and argue while we wait for some positive progress.

And then we have the continuing saga of traffic congestion in the High Street between the library and the old Heath post office; Morrison has, repeatedly, assured us that the County Council will be dealing with this by putting roadside parking restraints (double yellow lines) in place - but we still wait!

A further point - take a look at the union flag that flies above our town hall. Better to fly no flag than the sad and sorry duster like rag that is currently used - time to buy a new flag!

So, a message for you Mr Morrison - assidious as you are in seeking self publicity at every opportunity, anxious as you are to seek to justify your position on town, borough and county councils, it's time to actually fulfil your roles by securing some positive action on the many outstanding issues. Time to actually fulfil your often expressed, but so far sadly lacking, promises to represent Uttoxeter by more than seeking every 'photo-opportunity' and making empty gestures. Let's see some positive action!