Wednesday, May 18, 2005

Lidl -The Whitewash

Lidl have decided to paint the exterior of their store on Town Meadows Way - white. The manager only became aware when the painters turned up and began to cover the building in white paint. Is this a livery change or a new canvas for graffiti artists to practice their art?
Does it contravene planning regulations?
The building was an ugly incongruous brick shed beforehand, it is now an ugly highly visible incongruous brick shed in a conservation area.
Lidl have been known to take very strange decisions in the past, last year, the chain demanded that women workers in its Czech Republic and Polish stores wear special headbands during their monthly periods. It said the move was to identify women who could take additional toilet breaks! The policy was abandoned after critical media coverage worldwide, perhaps we can then get them to do something about the white house too or get punters to don white headbands on entering the shop?

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Comic Flange said...

I would think this does flout planning, surely planning was granted based on a red brick building. Come om folks no one will object on your behalf, the more that do the better. I would expect the neighbours will be?