Friday, August 04, 2006

Domesday Book Online - but you have to pay to see it

Place name:
Uttoxeter, Staffordshire
246v Great Domesday Book
Domesday place name:
People mentioned:
Aelfgeat; Aki; Almaer; Alweard; Alwine; Arnketil; Burgesses of Tamworth; Dunning; Earl Aelfgar; Gruffydd; Iwar; Ketil; King William as landholder; Oda; Rafwin; Swein; Thorbiorn; Uhtraed; Wudia; Wulfgeat; Wulfheah; Wulfhere; Wulfmaer; Wulfric; Ylving

Here is what the entry says in English

The King holds Uttoxeter. Earl Aelfgar held it. There is half a hide. There is land for 10 Ploughs. In demesne are 2 ploughs with 1 slave; and 24 villans and eleven bordars with 11 ploughs. There are 16 acres of meadow and woodland 2 leagues long and as many broad. TRE it was worth £6 now £7.
TRE tempora regis Eduardis In the time of King Edward the Confessor

Hide was 120 acres, although this could vary, and sometimes was around 240 acres. Domesday hide values were not real measurements of land, but figures on which tax (geld) was based (used in English areas, equivalent to a carucate).
Plough caruca, carruca
In Domesday the word implies a plough team with its eight oxen and the plough itself. The measure of a carucate was originally the amount of land which such a team could plough in one day.
Slave: A man or woman who owed personal service to another, and who was un-free, and unable to move home or work or change allegiance, to buy or to sell, without permission.
TRE tempora regis Eduardis In the time of King Edward the Confessor; by implication,
DOM= assessment
In essence, there were two Domesday surveys: the first raised a royal Geld to pay for war with the Danes; and the second dealt with matters of land tenure arising from the first and the billeting of so many troops on English land.
Algar (Lady Godiva’s Son!) died seven years before the conquest, though he is mentioned as the land belonging to him. Even though it had passed onto his sons Edwin earl of Mercia. Edwin took up arms against William on behalf of his oppressed countrymen. Thuis was obviously still freash when it came to writing up the book that his name was struck from the book despite being the most important landowner in country. This is because his son and his sons Edwin and Morcar, (Earls of Mercia and Northumberland), ..took up arms on behalf of their enslaved countrymen in the year 1071, and Edwin being betrayed into the hands of the Normans, met an untimely fate; when his estates were, of course confiscated and most of those in Staffordshire remained in the King's hands at the Domesday survey.
The devastating vengeance which William inflicted on the English revolters, may probably account for the immense tract of waste lands in Staffordshire,
William was a Bastard in every sense!
Demesne – private land of the manor
League 3 miles

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