Sunday, August 01, 2004

Low turnout in election benefits Tories

The results of the recent election in the Town Ward secured a victory for the Tories but with an appalling turnout, of just over 15% of the electorate. Of 4678 potential voters only 728 exercised their right to vote. Controversially no ballot papers were issued to voters, the usual town hall polling station was relocated to to the St John's Ambulance hall on Carter Street, no reminders appeared through letterboxes and voters just had to turn up on the day. Labour's James Russell lost out to the Tory Hermione Montgomery by 71 votes.

Uttoxeter ( Town Ward)
Hermione Esther Montgomery The Conservative Party Candidate 397 Elected
James Simon Russell The Labour Party Candidate 326

Ballot Papers 728
% Poll 15.56 Electorate 4678

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