Tuesday, August 31, 2004

Town Hall Meeting - A Fiasco

The meeting turned out to be, after all the disinformation and subterfuge of council and press, a bit of a damp squib. No decisions were to be made this night, - the meeting seemed at times like the company of wolves if only the wolves were smug, satisfied, pompous, fatuous, conceited, condescending, rude and incompetent and that was just Mr Mayor.

Scoring and settling old scars, points of order, and obscufated historical deviations seemed to be the order of the night. About 12 representatives of the people viewed the proceedings, while the- for the most part, largely silent- board of councillors bored their barely invited public.

Mr Mayor abused his position of chair by introducing the recent Town Hall petition in a derisory manner, to the smirks of well fed councillors, but was later forced to apologise. It was pointed out that three times ther number of people had signed the petition than had voted for the newly elected Tory Councillor (who remained silent for the whole of the evening).

It was agreed, eventually, that consultation would take place between ESBC and Uttoxeter Council on the future of the Town Hall. Indications from the Tory side left the impression that their mind was set on selling off the grand old edifice.

The story isn't over yet!


Dick Dastardly said...

Yes, I there too. Apparently one of the councillors represented the 'ratepayers' - didn't know that councillors only represented businesses as the average Joe pays Council Tax of course. But what about all those other people who have a stake in the Town - those who don't pay council tax or only pay a part? Don't they have a say - and what about young people? They are the ones with the most to lose - who has a right to dispose of their heritage without consulting them?

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